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Engage your buyers with interactive sales assets

Replace your static PDFs with web-based sales assets that are personalized, interactive, trackable, and can be created in minutes without design or development resources.

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It’s time to shelve those PDFs and bring your sales assets into the 21st century

PDFs vs AssetMule

What you can do with AssetMule

Create personalized interactive sales assets that engage buyers and win more business.

Build sales assets from a library of templates

Use pre-designed templates to build one-pagers, decks, case studies, competitive pages, and more.

Asset Library
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Create custom templates without design resources

Use our visual template builder and library of pre-designed components to create custom templates.

Personalize assets while staying on-brand

Build a snippet library of pre-approved messaging, quotes, images, and videos that your team can use to personalize assets.

personalize assets
engage buyers

Engage buyers with interactive content

Add videos, interactive demos, calendar scheduling, and other interactive content directly into your assets.

Get intent signals as buyers engage

Track views and all the actions your prospects take on your asset pages.

intent signals

Use AssetMule across your GTM teams

Build a bridge between your sales, marketing, and enablement teams.

Product Marketing

Create higher-quality and more engaging sales assets without design dependencies.


Engage buyers with personalized interactive sales assets that win more business.

Sales Enablement

Scale best practices by uncovering the assets that are driving the most impact.

Why we built AssetMule

As a former sales person turned product marketer, I’ve personally experienced the challenges with creating sales assets from both sides of the coin.

Sales wants to personalize assets for each prospect, but product marketing can’t possibly deliver them on time with the limited design resources at their disposal.

Then, even when these assets are delivered, they’re static PDFs and there’s no way to see if sales is using them or buyers are engaging.

That’s exactly why we built AssetMule.

With AssetMule, product marketers can build a library of interactive sales asset templates, messaging, and imagery that sales can use to create more personalized, engaging, and trackable buying experiences—all without any design or development resources.

Sales wins more business. Product marketers gain time back to focus on strategy. Prospects get better buying experiences. Everyone wins!

Justin Dorfman

Justin Dorfman

Co-Founder & CEO, AssetMule

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